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Together we make a difference...

How We’ll Do It…

Our FUTURE QUEST team has enjoyed the help from numerous industry professionals. With their help we have provided educational coaching, guidance, contacts, materials and resources for children, including access to recording and visual production studios, and all related materials for such inspiring productions.

Our Team - Past, Present, and Future

  • Grammy winning Songwriters...
    to coach the kids on writing the theme song for the project.
  • TV and film Producers...
    to coach the kids on every aspect of production, from ideas and writing to post production and promotion.
  • Celebrities...
    to help the kids be seen and heard, and have more fun.
  • Participating Organizations...
    to help with information and networking together with other projects.
  • Participating Individuals...
    The list is long...
    And, of course, The Kids and The Kid in all of us...

The Project Results…

Through the collaborated efforts of the team, today’s young people will:

  • Be aware
    of their subject of choice -- and how it relates to them...
  • Be equipped
    with tools to deal with the future
  • Learn how
    to use media technologies to present their ideas
  • Experience
    the tools needed to teach others
  • Learn to
    respect themselves and the world around them
  • Present an example for the world
    to see how to:
    - Change the status quo


For More Information
Mary Ellen Bickford
(615) 383.1400